Thursday, September 06, 2007

Transculturalism....there is a book on it

I found an interesting magazine in the office of our press team called TRACE. Looked cool and nice photography and design. Also had a really interesting article on true identities. It slowly led me to this web page on transculturalism how it all came about and the book thats available. You have seen me write about diversity of cultures and how we are all combining somewhat.

I found this especially interesting when I was travelling through eastern europe. The people I met found it fascinating that an Australian was there and asked me a lot about what I did at home and my culture. Was it really about BBQ's, beaches and not much else. I kept going into clubs and bars that were copying the western world in their approach and the locals loved it. I thought.. maybe I should pitch an idea to MTV..... to travel to bars and clubs around the world seeing if we are really all becoming the same. Or is there small amounts of different flavour each country is giving on top of a consistent theme.

Im sure this would be the same with global brands. Can you really force an exact replica across the world. Or is there a consistent that adapts and adds a little local spice to a brand. This whole globalisation is interesting... but I will ask the question again. Is coming together ruining our diversity

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