Friday, October 19, 2007

Industry Custom Search Engines

I seem to have a huge amount of websites that I search for work things and it seems that everyone at my work has figured this out recently. So being lazy ... I thought I would use Mohammad's great idea over at MisEntropy and create a custom search engines. It would make it easier for everyone and share my sources etc. So check out the first two out Trends and free Research (some free).



here are all the sites that I use for each.



If you have anymore sites let me know and I will include them

Keep posted I am going to create a digital one and maybe one for university's research projects as well


erin said...

me likey!

this is awesome. I'm beta-challenged, so thanks for the smarts Mike. :)

pernille fruensgaard said...

really a good idea. Thanks for the sharing. can't access the links for the list over sites, but the engines seems to work very well. Looking forward seing the one on digital too..


Herb said...

Nice work. Though I can't get into what sites you used...anyway you can free up info (docs not letting me view)?

Daniel said...

Brilliant really. Just what I needed. Thanks a lot.

Daniel Mejia

mike said...

i posted then on my blog in case