Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Interesting New Ad System from Facebook

So I just heard about the new facebook ad system that anyone can utilise. It is going to make the site potentially annoying with too many ads. But the targeting and the system is quite cool. So if I was to advertise this blog on facebook I would do it something like this

First page click on the green button....

Create what you want your ad to be called and a little rundown of whats it about

This is my favorite bit. You can choose the different elements that you want to target and then see the number of people that fit the bill. So I put 18-40yo people (sorry oldies) and are interested in advertising

Then comes the steal from google adwords. You can include your budget but then you have to bid for the different elements you have included. This can be banners or within peoples RSS feeds.

I love the look of it and the sounds of it.... now. But I think its going to be really annoying unless FB have some controls on how much stuff can be loaded up.

We will see......

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