Monday, December 03, 2007

Are Facebook going too far

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From a work perspective I love the idea of some of the new business models coming out of websites and the data that they are gaining on people which is being utilised by marketing to sell people more stuff. I dont think people truly realise the power of the data that they are letting go of online. Fair enough all your usual likes and dislikes, music etc. But I have talked with some interesting companies like These guys know everything about your household finances. Who its with, how often to you pay, your insurance, gas, TV, Broadband etc. They have blatantly said they are not a website, they are a data collection company that utilises the web to gain information on people to sell to other companies.
I read this article about facebook linking sales on particular websites here and showing other users what their friends are buying and the backlash it has coursed
They are bringing together what I call the emotional / behavioral online divide. Utilising the emotional fun data that websites are gaining on uses everyday that they are willing to give up to show friends and bring people together in communities. They are now linking this to behavourial purchase. This will become a tesco club card on steriods. Exciting... but Im interested in how big of a backlash will happen as its already starting. How far will it go.... when people truely realise the power of the internet and the possibilities for marketers and the available data about you........

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