Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everyone wants a community

A few weeks back I headed across to the launch of ITVs new Integrated Planning community site at Sony Playstation centre in bricklane called 3rooms.
They have created an interesting community of what they call 'Inspiration Agents' to try and drive interest and involvement in this site and in turn ITV. I think I am supposed to be one .
I think its a great idea but its all about how its delivered. I have spoken to a lot of media owners lately trying to do things differently and the word everyone loves to throw around, thought leadership. I have been saying that I believe thought leaders do not just talk about themselves. They talk about all the great things in this market and internationally. What they are working towards to accommodate what they seen. Then where they fit now and in the future.
I was saved by Faris's first post which talks about his he would love for the future of TV and the internet and how wouldnt it be great if we could combine them somewhat. I am going to attempt to write a post on this as I think its a hugely interesting space and I dont think its that far away at all. Now I have to figure out how as a supposed inspiration agent, I can write comments on peoples posts on this site.


Faris said...

dude - i know! not sure the site is built with blogs in mind

check out smart tv - sky plus google - i blogged it at some point.

mike said...

will do

thanks buddy