Friday, December 14, 2007

It really is the little things

My first xmas present of the year taught me a bit of a lesson. I finally went to a market up the road in Clerkenwell which has a great Italian salad stand. Its awesome for £2.80 I was stuffed for hours it had a huge mix of different types of lentils and salads. Beautifully fresh and down right awesome.
It was quite full and it seems that all the girls working there are the daughters of the owner. They were quick with my order but really friendly at the same time. Then one of the girls asked me if I had my xmas card yet. I said no and they handed me a nice card and a fantastic container of olives. I was so happy. I came back and told everyone about it and still talk about it a day later(as Im eating my olives)

All these great things we do for brands and how complex we believe things are. It really is that simple
Great product - check
A little different - check
Great service - check
Great value - check
Cheap - check
Great family feel - check
Making the fat kid feel special at xmas - check (im feeling a comment from an ad coming on but I wont)

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Jen, writer Membership Millionaire said...

While Christmas and New Year is over, this post will never get old and will probably make a good reflection post sometime in the future. It's the little things that make a difference. It sounds a bit ironic but these little things can trigger a whole chain of events that will ultimately affect you in one way or another.