Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A culture within a culture

In my recent trip to Morocco I found the whole mixing of the different cultures very interesting. African, Arab and French. They spoke French... but looked a little African or Arab. I also was interested in why there wasnt a greater Spanish influence as surely they are physically closer than France. I found out at a dinner party last night about the Spanish and Arab turmoil in 1492 I think it was.
But this mixing of cultures is what I expected. What I didnt expect was seeing two universal cultures living and breathing within the Moroccan culture.

First I was in a club and saw a couple of gay guys (it wasnt a gay club). The way they dressed and acted was the same as gay people I have met in Australia, UK or US.

Secondly, was the surfers I saw down on Rabat beach. I sat and watched them surf and also talk to their friends on the beach afterwards. They were speaking Arabic but they looked just like some of my surfing friends in Australia.

I like the idea of something bringing people together no matter where they grew up or where their families are from. Football does the same thing. As soon as any moroccan guy found out I was Australian.... Viduka came into conversation. When they found out my friend was Ukrainian... Shevchenko came up. It was hilarious.

Its true that not matter where we are from things can universally bring us together

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