Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Overview Figures of Social Media usage

I try not to write too much about my agency and things I do there. But my friends in the EMEA research department have done a great piece of international research on the social media landscape including 17,000 people in 29 countries. So its quite a robust piece of work, which I had to share around. I have uploaded it on slideshare
My local team has also cut the UK data out and we have seen a couple of simple points:
  • Facebook's dominance in the UK
  • Growth of content consumption of podcasts, videos etc
  • Guys use social networks to meet new people more (trying to find some lady friends no doubt)
  • 45-54's have a highest percentage of audience that SN for dating (there is huge opp for growth in this dept)
  • 73% of users read blogs and 40% leave comments (I think that is quite high)
  • Older people use blogs for useful information while youth focuses on entertainment
  • 14% of the audience post comments on products / brands
  • 25% think positively about companies with blogs
Im not sure if we are going to post our UK one.

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erin said...

Wow, thanks Mike! this looks great, I can't wait to go through it all.

i'm in a meeting now, thinking of ways to bring to life social media/having your pulse on culture into the retail experience. How can we bring this information to life and have it be an experience or be interactive?