Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Design and the Elastic Mind ... MoMa

I was in New York last week and took a trip to the MoMa to see the exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind. This was probably the best exhibition I have ever been to. The fact that Faris and co were somewhat entertaining throughout probably helped the scenario. So many cool and weird things going on that it all just blew my mind. We couldve been in there all day. Check out the photo above of Faris. This program took a video of people and had an image of the emotion you were feeling or whether you were a guy or a girl. I think the long hair confused the computer with Faris. Surely the beard wouldnt.

This was the weirdest thing ever. It allowed you to smell your potential partner. I guess the farramones draws you to your supposed partner. Supposedly a new way of speed dating. I think I am going to stick to a lady's perfume thanks.

This is what I really went for. Sorry about the video being sideways. This is Jonathan Harris's new program iwantyoutowantme. The idea of it, once again is brillant. Data scrapping from dating websites across the world to see what people really want from partners etc. Brillant. The touch screen program just made it awesome as well.

There is a number of data visualisation programs that detailed different data sets across the US. One was on the wall and one was on the floor.

Faris's friend Mauricio and his wife Suzann took some great video and images. So hopefully I can upload some of them as well. Including a great interactive slide we played around with for a while

If you have a chance go and check it out

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