Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brands as we know it... are over

Found this great article over at adweek thanks to David Armano about new companies and how they treat communities.

'For these companies, community is not a tactic or marketing plan line item, but core to what they do'

Although these companies are taking away the future of my current job. I dont care. Its great to see companies that actually listen to their people. They show the Ivory Tower, Gordon Gecko 'greed is good' mentality is being lost. Even the tone of the CEO of zappo is the complete opposite to the capitalist CEOs in other big companies. He speaks and acts like a human. Like a friend you have. Why not sit and have a drink with you customers. Come out of the boardroom and see the real world.

Whilst reading this article, I found a video from one of the CEO's that was written about in the artcile from etsy. See it above. I love his point of view of the difference that people feel toward your brand when you run a full page ad. As opposed to the 1000's of little things you do everywhere else.

I think the interesting part is how big 'ivory tower' companies try and turn themselves around to allow themselves to play in the same environment or otherwise perish

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