Monday, May 19, 2008

I love it... even though I might loose my job

Great quote I got from David Armano over at logic and emotion:

This decision is "revolutionary," wrote Havas Media Lab director and London economist Umair Haque on Harvard Business Online in February. "By choosing to invest in consumers over advertising, Google is a living example of a deeper truth: The future of communications as advantage lies in talking less and listening more."

I have just gone through this video and I have to say its up there with one of the best presentations I have seen. So many things that have been playing around in my head... some of have that I have clarified... some I almost have... and the just some random thoughts. I ran to amazon and bought the book 'SUBJECT TO CHANGE' kind of works with the topic of my blog..... I am going to have to go through it and break it out into chunks for posts. Thanks very much to the guys at adaptive path

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