Monday, July 14, 2008

The Gruen Transfer

gruentransfer, originally uploaded by mickstravellin.

Hello.. been on holidays in Malaysia / Singapore with some australian friends who put me onto a cool new program that is on the ABC (like the english BBC but about 1/100 the size) which has taken off called the Gruen Transfer. Its all about advertising.

Great thing about the name is that the meaning of the gruen transfer is utilised in shopping centre design for 'scripted disorientation' to push people into more stores to buy things. I found this in a store in Singapore. I couldnt find the way out.

The show format is a panel of big players from across the Australian ad industry who rip apart ads in a fun and entertaining way. Will Anderson is a great comedian from aus who chairs the show. It is a strong format, as for some reason Australians like panels of people who are quite opininated... who wouldve thought.

They also get viewers and agencies to come into the studio and create ads for different brands or situations in what is quite an entertaining format. Check out the problem they have had with one of the ads they made already

The site also has some great applications to mix up and have a little fun with different ads. Check it out here


Gruen Transfer said...

Great description of the show. I'm sure the Simpsons have unwittingly explored the Gruen Transfer a few times.

Honda Tamworth said...

Have you noticed how Wil Anderson, at the beginning of the Gruen Transfer, has no idea what to do with his hands?

Fast Weight Loss said...

Yeah at least he can hide them under the desk for the rest of the show if they are too hard to handle.

Mazda said...

The show is a fascinating insight into the world of advertising. I really enjoy the 'battles' between Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft.

Barry Hall Boxing Career said...

In the next season I'd love to see Todd and Russel go a few rounds in a boxing ring. My money's on Todd.

Nissan 4x4 said...

Nissan Australia need to watch this show to see what makes a good, successful advertisement.ultiver

Automotive Recruitment said...

I think many casinos employ the same strategy.

PS I love the Gruen Transfer TV Show.