Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What makes things cool

Adam Ferrier

It seems that Adam Ferrier a bit of a legend on the Australian marketing scene has finally started a blog ,which is awesome because he is a nice and very interesting guy, with some interesting views. One of my favourites was his opinion on how cults and paedophiles are some of of the strongest communities due to how they communicate with each other. Although not politically correct, there is some value in his point.

I have also brought him up before around his views on empathy.

This is something he did for his masters thesis at university. What makes something or someone cool. He's his 5 key points

  1. Self Belief and Confidence: Have a strong internal locus of control and are not afraid to be themselves no matter the social situation.

  2. Defying Convention: Will be in careers that are born out of true passion (human rights, sciences, the arts) and will follow their passions - even if unconventional

  3. Understated Achievement: Successful but not overly showy. Further they regulate their outward expressiveness. They appear in control and not overly 'emotional'.

  4. Caring For Others: Broad-minded and sensitive

  5. Energy and Sociability: Get out there.
Check out his views here

I just think its a really simple methodology and I have utilised it a couple of times and it makes complete sense. Its also a great way to convert a brand into something cool. If you think about the personality you want your brand to have. Delivering that across a number of the areas above starts to give you a great framework on how your brand will behave in the market in everything it does. It also makes it easy to sell to clients. Are we doing any of those. NO. Which ones can we address in the short term. These ones....Which ones can we address in the long term. Those ones...

Keep an eye out as he always has a very interesting point of view


michael said...

A lot of people define cool through their product choices. Sometimes this can be defined to them by their choices in communication devices. Arguably speaking the next "cool" phone has to be the motorola krave. (motorola.com/krave) With its touch screen keypad, blue tooth connectivity, and sleek, stylish touch screen design. The krave is the true definition of cool. Has anyone else used the krave yet?

Adam Ferrier said...

Hi Michael,

Firstly thanks for the post - very kind of you. In terms of the Krave comment - I think people will always use brands to badge themselves as cool to someone else. However, this just reinforces the point that cool people need to be using the product first. If a whole lot of people are using Krave or whatever who are not cool - then it reinforces the need to get some cool people using it - or the brand will drift through the product life cycle very quickly becoming yesterdays fad.