Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The need for nsights into people's behaviour hasnt change, the way we change people's behaviour has.

I love how everything people talk about in the marketing world is so drastic. Things dying, things that are king etc. In my mind nothing from the front end has really changed. Understanding people's motivations, loves, desires, actions and general behaviour hasnt changed in importance. Creating valuable insights has become even more important as it has leaped out of stanley pollit's brain and into even more areas of the business arena. I think its an awesome time to be in planning. The only thing that has changed is the opportunities available to change people's behaviour and the ways in which we utilise them.

Some people fear change. By the name of my blog you can see I love it. So much opportunity calls for the need from clients to have someone help curate what they are going to do. Someone that truly understands the behaviour, but also now's how to utilise that understanding and curate the brands narrative and personality across a multitude of different areas. From what does the lady on the telephone , to that interesting data visualisation of the energy I have used in my house in the last 2 months, to that cool iphone app that is a smaller version of the same data which overall is my brand experience of a gas company. All these elements will still be driven by simple human truths. We just need to identify them faster and apply them even faster than ever. Which is fine for me. I often get over sitting in meetings hypothesizing about all these elements, as opposed to having some good but simple fast rigour. Then getting out their and acting on it. Its the digital mantra of 'fail and fail quickly. Do it learn from it and move on.

So after years of people trying to push me into specialist areas. I feel that maybe I wasnt half wrong sticking to my guns and continually pushing to being a broad generalist. Understanding each element and how they fit into the picture. This is now coupled with a general personal fascination and love of everything digital. It is about open a huge amount of doors. Not closing them which a lot of people in the industry have claimed. It allows us to move away from awareness scores and millward brown tracking. To deliver a greater overall business objective.

So as the blog says... dont be afraid just adapt and keep adapting as fast as you can. Otherwise the clients will run to someone who can

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