Monday, January 25, 2010

Great quote about the challenges brands face..

Everyday products whinge that they cant be nike because they are a toothpaste. But here is a simple objective that Graham Brown from mobileyouth hightlights as...

'this isnt about products, its about the challenges your customer faces on a daily basis and how you use your product and community to solve those problems'

We have all skirted around it a bit. But it is a nice simple objective to hit as opposed to selling benefits or trying to badge youth culture.

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Adam Ferrier said...

How about "there are no low involvement categories - just low involvement marketers".

I hate people who say their brand (or worse) category is low involvement it's lazy.

Toothpaste is about the mouth (anything that goes in my mouth is carefully considered and not low involvment.

Banks are about making money - a bloody sexy category as boring as possible.