Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A new world of entertainment....

So I am back from a wonderful stay in the sun down under. (although their wasnt much sun .. just humidity). The first thing I did when I got back was read a paper to try and get back into the UK lifestyle. I readn an interesting article about Simon Fuller and how he has built up his empire around different properties including moving into fashion through the Beckhams and Here is the article

The general perception is that Fuller calls it way before it happens. He creates trends... not looks at them. Well with the Cowell vs Fuller fight about to begin. Its seems someone from the advertising bretharen has got into cohoots with 19 entertainment to launch a new entertainment property via hulu not the TV networks. The guys at Poke NY have helped them to launch what is called 'If I can Dream' and here is there first bit of work .

To me it just looks like big brother taken to the extreme with some really hot people to follow. I guess the ultimate indicator will be whether the TV networks try to buy in at some point.

What I will also find interesting is whether people connect with the high spec value that is usually utilised on TV. I think I like the messiness and more human characteristics that clay shirky has highlight that you usually find on the web.

we will see

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