Saturday, March 27, 2010

If we build it, they will come...

Well... they might not. But there is a running joke in our office...that ... guess what... Michael wants to create his own media again. Well why wouldnt I. The world of paid for media is diminishing and creating platforms that can continually have a conversation with our audience where they feel apart of, are entertained, inspired or other is ever more important as a brand. The bar has also been risen that we not only need to create them, they must be good enough that people would want to talk to their friends about it as well. Which then expands the value of the audience you first connect with. It also makes the next campaign a little easier as you have already connected with an audience and they have a positive viewpoint with you. But you must continue to deliver.

Think about iTunes. A great place to get music..... no. Its a great way to connect to a brand for something where both parties win. Users get great entertainment and apple get a channel of communication to you for cheaper than paying a TV or radio station or website. But think about this. What happens when your iPod gets too old. (like mine). You dont want to leave iTunes because all your music will be lost. So your connected to them forever. Not only a channel that can continue to adapt to your wants and needs, but also a great way to keep you for life.

The video above has Faris saying a lot of things. Like one on the use of gesture technology which considering this idea on Nikon (go to 'touch' page) came from McCanns NY... sounds fishy enough to be from him. But the main thing I find interesting is why shouldnt we be talking to technology companies and not media companies. Why cant we start creating our own media for clients. Look at this creativity list from creativity-online. Seems to be a lot of technology... come media companies on there. So why dont we get in earlier. Why isnt there an international adconference in silicon valley or Asia bringing the parties together(I maybe I have been invited). Ashton Kutcher has already got himself involved in this space. As he can see the value of combining, advertising, entertainment and technology.

So its time for us to step up..... because if we do and start making some cool media.... they will come.... and tell their friends to as well.


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