Sunday, April 04, 2010

Polarising view amongst those who over think vs be stupid.. Diesel

I love the current Diesel ads about breaking the idea of over thinking things and just do it... BE STUPID. I think it talks very much to our own industry in the need for us to not over think things and start to put our balls on the line a bit more. . The video is the manifesto

I have been discussing it with a friend who works in finance and doesnt get it. I keep saying its not aimed at you. But I am sure you want to be apart of it.

I really like the way they have used the web to publicise artists from all different fields. It will be interesting to see if they utilise those artists to prove the point 'dont think be stupid' publicising the artists work.

With anomaly just starting out in Europe and taking the Sony account I am sure they are happy to see some great work out there from the agency they said would bring them a new model. The new music offering sounds interesting off the back of the campaign as well.

Be interesting to see something new in the industry... they definitely changed things in the US

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