Thursday, March 04, 2010

Its the last memory that counts

I have written before about Noble Prize winning Daniel Kahneman's view on the Peak End Rule and the value that it can play in creating brand experiences. Its obviously important to continue to build great experiences all round for consumers that really stand out, connect with the essence of the brand a tap into insights about the audience. But for these experiences to start to build a better perception of your brand in the long run. Maybe its that final hooray that will make all the difference.

Have a think about all the money and great ideas that go into the lead up to and during a music festival. Clutter everywhere but there have been some truly standout ideas within this space including some stuff from orange uk at Glastonbury like spot the bull and the recharge Pod which uses solar power to charge your phone. But what about cleaning up and leaving at the end of a festival, which after all the fun can leave a nasty taste in your mouth. What if you just gave some tips and tricks on how to make that whole experience easier and faster. A quick way to get to the train station Or as you left gave you a USB with recordings of your favourite acts. Leaving that one last memory.

What about a simple phone call to a bank that never seems to end up being simple. What if the customer service rep sent you an email afterwards reminding you of their name and what youve discussed.

So we should continue to tap into insights about our audience come up with ideas that amplify the essence of the brand... but remember it could be the last thing that matters most of all.