Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reasons to buy an iPad... No1

I have never been an early adopter. I am the one that comes after that. The one who waits to see what happens and also for the price to come down. I think this happened when I was a kid and my father saved up for years after starting his own business and his reward for all his hard work was that he bought the first 5 series BMW. It just seemed to have a few problems here and there. I felt bad for him as it was his dream.
So now I analyse everything before I buy it. I am loving the idea of the new iPad but will I use it. Working in the wonderful world I media I stopped buying magazines about 12 years ago. But in the past three years I have started buying magazines from the US. I think half of the fun is trying to find a copy of The New Yorker, Wired or Fastcompany.... well guess what. The other is that I love sitting back with a coffee and enjoying a magazine with my notebook in hand.
The iPad will give me access to them all til my hearts content....but will it over compensate for the tangible magazine that I still love.

so reason number 1.... access to more magazines than ever... but will it work

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