Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open platforms are the way forward for media owners

Everyone has been talking about API's and applications for a while. But its usually the digital creative agencies having a bit of fun with some code and hey look we have this cool little tool. What is interesting now is that it is no longer just a little game. I was talking with some friends at Lastfm the other week and their whole sell now is their data. Not the website or banners, but how a brand and its agencies can utilise their data to create an experience that amplifies the brand's promise.

The Guardian has been playing with APIs for a while and now they have created an open platform to allow advertisers to start utilising all their data to create experiences for their audience. I mean this is awesome. Whats better a homepage take over and a couple of banners. Or an application or experience utilising data from the newspaper to better your audience's experience. Look at the first one they have done for Enjoy England. Perfect for the brand, the experience for the user and the interesting thing is that this could create a life of its own. I have talked with quite a few digital creative agencies around the idea of creating 'communications products'. Things that become either a tangible or intangible experience that keeps on giving.

The interesting question now is... how do they sell it. Who do they sell it to... which agency

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