Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dr I have a problem.....lay down on the couch then

I often find it amusing when I will be thinking of something and all of a sudden someone way more intelligent than me has gone and written something brilliant that personifies pretty much everything I was thinking about. You could argue that in a world of excess information that if you follow the blogosphere enough in the world of communications. We all in all will end up in the same place. But recently I have been thinking about a friend in Australia who was in fact a psychologist in his former life. Ive heard stories about how he could read the room and the clients during pitches. He could ask the right questions and push clients to get what they really want from their agencies in a way only he could.

I have combined this with a recent conversation I had witha friend who ran a pitch for media and creative. I asked her for a behind the scenes view on what goes on and why she picked the team she did. Straight away she said 'we liked the team'. Then she said their work was good, but they wanted to work with us. They didnt walk in and say 'we have the answer'. This open feel made her and her team feel like ' we really want to work with them'. Which is a statement Ive heard from a lot of clients.

So intro a much more intelligent man. Mr Jim Carroll the Chairman of BBH UK and a planner extraordinaire. Who has written the first of I hope many 'APG UK Planning Instants' entitled 'Not Doctors but Psychoanalyst's' which I have attached.

I have always seen planners as using these types of techniques for consumers to get a greater understanding. I have often chatted to friends in this field and stolen some texts from my sisters courses and used them for audience work. But to turn this on clients has been a recent viewpoint. Jim believes that clients are advanced enough now that they now longer come to agencies or indeed planners for their opinions. They come for a little therapy.

I have found this often with 'running workshops' to make sure you get everyone on the same page and consistent with each other. It seems that workshops often have very similar elements to what they utilise in group therapy sessions. Also she is studying an area called gestalt which is a type of therapy whereby the therapist is in fact working through their own personal journey. What you find with this is that the therapist doesnt take this overbearing and controlling viewpoint just because they read a couple of books at university. They have gone through it and being a therapist is often a part of their own therapy. You find that they work together with the paitent which often drives better rewards for everyone. Im sure this is how a client feels. They dont want to be spoken down to by somer upty planner with glasses and a piece of paper on the wall from Oxford. They want you to help them, identify and build ideas to address their problems. Not make them realise they arent as smart as you.

So once again the wonderful world of the internet has helped to build on some interesting points I have had and hopefully make them a little more useful in everyday life.

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