Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reason 3 for an iPad: Flipboard

Now this is an awesome application. I say it as we had a similar idea for a website for a pitch once. That all your media is fed to you purely from what your friends are watching, listening to, looking at or reading. But it is definately a reason for an iPad. As the magazine format looks better than the current opportunities of aggregators.


jeff said...

Do you think that an app like this would cause people to reduce the number of friends they have or people they follow?

It seems to me that an app like this would work great with a couple hundred of connections, but thousands would get slightly unmanageable.

mikej said...

good question jeff

I think because its such a hi quality experience you would logically start to restrict anything that wasnt high quality.

But I also think as people start to identify exactly what they get from it. They would start to cull anyway.

thanks for the comment