Friday, July 22, 2011

New Campaign: Shave my beaver.....


This is a campaign I have been working on for a new TV show from E4 called Beaver Falls. (I know... I have about a million different beaver puns). Its a TV show about three British guys who fake their way into a very exclusive American Summer camp. We make a fake tv ad above about the summer camp trying to get the audience to sign up to be a camp councillor. But its not as easy as just signing up. We created a game on facebook using a number of game mechanics for different tasks and activities to gain badges virtually like you would in scouts / brownies. These badges have a little humur to them telling you a little bit more about the storyline. We combined some actual games that have elements about characters within them as well as being addictive and pushing people to share. Then we played with people's behaviour of uploading stupid photos of themselves with a beaverfaces where you can upload to get a badge. We have also taken the location based 'checking in' a little further with new technology getglue to allow people to check into the program and discuss it which is already happening. Also adding the the mystery behind the story of how the guys got there, we've created beaverleaks which has small bits of information about their past lives.
Great trail below with an awesome track from aussie group Miami Horror

So check it out on facebook... shave a beaver... or take a photo of your beaver face. But make sure you watch it next wednesday night on E4 at 9pm

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