Wednesday, August 03, 2011

You think then do, no wait do then think.. wait

Design & Thinking Official Documentary Trailer from Design&Thinking on Vimeo.

Another extension of my general love of the design industry and the discussions around design thinking is the video above which is a sample of a supposed movie that is coming out on the concept. Can you make a movie out of it ?. Maybe more a documentary as I dont quite see the storyline, twists and turns or character build. But a documentary could work just fine. This connects with the event Google Firestarters by Neil Perkin a few months back with great presentations from John Wiltshire and Tom Hulme from Ideo.
Tom Hulme talked about this very subject, as it is something I have seen from him before last year at Internet Week when I went to an IDEO session. There is a great quote in the video above from Paul Pangaro from CyberneticLifestyles

'If you are only thinking and your not doing, and you have to do in order to know and you have to know in order to think better'

Sounds like the ultimate catch 22 if you ask me. The thing I take from this comment is that you can never stop experiencing things. A way to truly understand things is to throw yourself into the situation. Dont force or create a situation just throw yourself into one. The interesting thing in marketing at the moment is supposedly social media. A bunch of kids coming in and telling the old folk what to do. Why ??. Because they are doing, thinking, doing, thinking better. If its not in a linear way but who cares. This can work everywhere. It plays on the fact that all people in the marketing industry need to get out there and get their hands dirty. John Wiltshire talks about making things. Media people should be whores for media no matter what type. They should try to actually create their own media. In areas that arent relative to their lifestyle. (in England I mean read something other than the Guardian, Vice and Dazed.) create something your audience would love and try to experience why they would love it.

I think planners are great at doing this but could take it a little further. I love ethnography but i think its better when the people involved in the work do it themselves. Not just get an agency to do it for them. Actually experiencing what people do think and feel cant always be seen on a video.

So get out there and get amongst it

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