Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Our Brillant Second Life'

Being back in Aus getting sick of going to the beach and outdoor dinning. I actually watched some TV last night. Saw a great program that is about how people are building their lives in Second Life on SBS. It was called 'Podlove'. Check out the site and you can watch the rundown of the two characters.

If you look at it in terms of what a psychotherapist might say. I believe that they would highlight that the development of these alternate personalities deliver a need that the audience can not gratify within the real world. This is also paramount in the relationships they hold with other people within the game. People search everyday to deliver against their needs. Often not understanding entirely what they are or mean. This could be tapped into their individual feelings, which could be gratified by inclusion, respect, admiration from others.

It also touches on my feeling toward the new age religious groups which I am currently fascinated with. They are tapping into this cultural feeling toward a search for purpose/meaning which translates into the building of communities.

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