Monday, July 02, 2007

Loving London

I had another night of love for the fact I live in London last week. I have had mates in town from Aus for a few weeks begging me to come home. Great showing them around but I couldnt quite explain why I love living here so much. Then I took an English mate to go and see Canadian / Israeli electro funk band Chromeo. Thank you for reminding why I love this city... what an awesome act.

I am also reading a book at the moment called 'Rise of the Creative Class' which also helps me to analyse why I love this city.... will write more on this soon

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johanna said...

Ah, Chromeo has/have DJed here recently! I sadly missed it but am a fan. Isn't it great to get that surge of "this is why I belong here?" It happens to me a lot (:

Thank you for your record label recommendations, I will surely check them out!