Monday, July 02, 2007

Stealing a Culture

So after a night on the Brahmas at a Brazilian bar on friday night (Where I couldnt see any Brazilians but a lot of men and women looking for them) I refound my love affair with anything from Latin America. I have always wanted to go there since I was a kid. To this day I dont know why. But waking up on sat morning to see that Brahma had taken out the walls of the tube stop near my place. I remembered working on a pitch for Brahma a few years back. Where we were stuck on the whole love affair or even interest that people have with Brazil. I also remembered the podcasts that Giles Peterson did for Brazilian music for Brahma which I have written about before. I started to think of a lot of beer brands that steal the percieved culture of their country to sell overseas.

Fosters is always a favourite. Showing this great Australian lifestyle. Asahi is another one that is using the modern Japanese interest (even their new website looks like a Manga cartoon). Guiness is a very Irish driven thing. But what about brands that have created their own culture.

Guiness created a culture of paitence. Lynx or Axe has created a culture of pulling women (that was kind of there already though). 'Just do it' created a culture for Nike.
But we are running a little light on the rest. Maybe we need to start creating more cultures for brands to make them really stand for something in people's lives and to help them to create their own identities.

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