Thursday, June 26, 2008

Play Party Games 2.0

hide and seek, originally uploaded by phantom kitty.

So I read an interesting little snippet in Short List magazine about events on in London. One I found interesting was a hideandseekfest which is a demonstration of a global craze called social gaming. I thought gaming was always social.

It got me to thinking about a trend we pulled out late last year about how the Web2.0 world or virtual world is in fact driving the need for the real world. People are spending more time online but they also want more 'REAL' experiences and real products. Using the online world to drive more real things. Flash mobbing, worlds biggest waterfight, June 1st last night drinking on the tube etc. Its almost the polar opposities see saw. Where you want the complete opposites and different points but you need both.

Where it is going to get really interesting, is how people combine the two in the future.... just had a thought for a client.... back later

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