Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The creative class might be the answer

The Ghosts of Soho, originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

I am a huge fan of Richard Florida's view on the creative class from his book and I have written posts on it before. He wrote his book a number of years ago but with the current economic crisis its starting to come up again. It seems that he has become quite big in US and Canada helping to build or what he has termed 'reset' the economy for the future. He makes some interesting comments on how during the last two depressions the economy was in fact readjusted to cope with the issues

I couldnt embed the video but check it out on his site here

here is another interesting article he wrote on how the creative class could change the US economy for ever

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erin said...

great to see your blog is so healthy - up and running and still cool! i've reinvented myself, see link - been trying to figure out the social media space the opportunities it presents planners. should we re-create the discipline? do we need to segment "planning" like we have with digital planners, online planners, connections planners, brand planners? Not sure..

Anyway, I digress. Glad to see this post about the Creative Class. :)